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Wild Dreamer!'s Player Card

      Who is Wild dreamer

Wild dreamer! is a hacker on USA msp who has apperently created a virus in Horror cafe on November 14th 2016. They hacked many users during the virus and it is possible they had teamed up with Unknown Code to create it as Unknown Code had removed people from the room. Wild had started their hacking in July 2016 as that was when their account was made. While hacking >Redhackerhunter< >>><<< she had said she was teamed with Unknown Code. She was mostly hacking Red and 

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Her conforming teaming with Unknown Code

targeting her as she had opened and closed her tabs and played music on someone elses computer.

    What does Wild dreamer! do?

The Wild dreamer! will start by typing "(d) packed by Wild dreamer (d) packed by Wild dreamer (d)" through your msp user. Then she will change your status, name her next victim, open and close tabs, play music (sometimes) on your computer and attempt to delete your user. She has hacked a few people already during the virus and a few before too. If you see her leave the cafe, leave as soon as possible as you could be hacked.

     Wild dreamer!'s known victims.

  • >RedHackerHunter< >>><<<
  • Coco wafflez
  • Black knight 014
  • Colorfultation
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    Black Knight 014 being hacked