Who Is The Real Xaylah?

Xaylah is a a person who can't do shit.


Her prefarred color scheme is usually Red, (White), Black / Black, Green. Her outfits are unusual to the typical hacker and can sometimes be 'basic' and just include the color scheme.

Hacking Powers

It has been claimed that Xaylah can crash your MSP client at any time. She, herself, claims that this is one of her many tactics to slow the user down and prevent them from logging on whilst in the process of hacking your user.

Short Fact File

  • When you click on one of her artbooks, your entire MSP client crashes.
  • She is making a virus, the date has not yet been confirmed by anyone. However, the plan has.
  • Xaylah has a hacker and hacker defender team. The name of the team is still unconfirmed.

Back Story

*Waiting for further editing from Xaylah, herself.*


Xaylah is known to be the 'desperate' type, the type to threaten and intimidate you into keeping a realtionship running with her after you had both broken up. Currently, Xaylah is holding no relationship status with anybody of knowledge.

The Xaylah Files (talk) 18:32, June 16, 2017 (UTC)

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